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Artist: Lyndsay Brock
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Oil Size: 76.4cm x  59cm
Year: Unknown
Conditions: Good

‘Solstice’  by Lyndsay Brock. Acrylic on canvas.  Measurements; 76.4cm x  59cm x 3.5cm. This painting, from the artist’s ‘Masque’ series, depicts a veiled woman wearing an exotic mask and head-dress.  It featurs the finely textured finish typical of the artist’s work, complete with a complex border design incorporating ‘Lyndish’ text in overlaid copper & gilt. The ‘Masque series was initially inspired by the splendour of festival costumes & masks worn in Venezia.

Lyndsay Brock is an award winning artist.  Her work is varied, ranging from figurative to abstract, and a common theme is a touch of symbolism or mystery.  Paintings reside in local collections, and many have been purchased by European and American buyers. Te Papa Museum recently added her design work to their collection.

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Author’s background:

Lyndsay Brock

Lyndsay lives by Ngataringa Bay on Auckland, North Shore. Her works are diverse, ranging from figurative to abstract pieces, works on canvas, art board and paper. A particular interest in experimental techniques has evolved into the ability to create rich surfaces where amazing colour density is achieved by layers of transparent glazes; effects by the use of acrylic, enamel, at times ink and mixed media.

Lyndsay has been selling artwork since she was 18 years old, at which time she specialised in charcoal life drawing, then moving to freelance illustration and design work. Her paintings have featured in 12 solo shows and over 60 group exhibitions, and been accepted for numerous award exhibitions plus purchased by collectors in Europe and the USA.

There is often the sense of mystery and symbolism in Lyndsay’s work by way of enigmatic female figures staged in slightly surreal open-ended spaces. The latest paintings while retaining a sense of myth and legend also construe whimsy in the stark, minimal exploration of form; figurative works which evoke female characters as other-worldy via the gossamer veiled elegantly puppeted limbs. Garlands of flora, strung planets and even deco-like regalia culminate across the works to suggest a far flung journey across time. Who are these women? It is intended that the viewers access their own memory bank; are taken into their own imaginative worlds to in the end, interpret these crafted figures for themselves.

Artist History

1998 – 2008. IIlustrations for Moon Calendars, cover paintings printed from original works, Solo shows launched each calendar.

Commissioned to design 8 section Minotaur legend mosaic, installed at Ngataringa Park Maze, Devonport.

November 1999 Feature artist Art Of This World gallery Devonport.

November 2000 Reprise Exhibition Art Of This World gallery Devonport, TV coverage on the Good Morning Show, TV One.

October 2002 Arcania Exhibition Art Of This World gallery, Devonport.

July 2004 Group Show Women Art Of This World gallery, Devonport.

July 2004 Selected by Art Of This World to exhibit at Sydney Affordable Art Show.

October 2004 Enigma Exhibition Art Of This World gallery, Devonport.

March 2005 2nd Prize, National Art Awards/ Auckland Easter Show

June 2005, Publisher and cover Artist for Feels Like Thunder ? the collected works of Kirin Cerise, featured at Art Of This World

June 2005, Finalist, Pumphouse Art Awards

March 2007 Masque / Minima Solo show at Art of this World, Sculpture Award Winner, MAC Annual awards. Finalist, Pumphouse Art Awards, Design & fashion art acquired by Te Papa Museum.