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Title: Unknown
Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
Material: Watercolour
Picture is 21cm x 15cm
Framed size is 31cm x 28cm
Year: 1756 – 1827
Conditions: General

Thomas Rowlandson Caricature from Bevoir Castle
Thomas Rowlandson was a renown caricature artist
Born 13 July 1756
London, England
Died 21 April 1827 (aged 70)
London, England

This framed drawing has a letter on the back, which reads

“From a screen on Belvoir Castle which has been in the Manners family for over 150 years. It was covered with caricatures and drawings by famous artists of the day.

This is reputed a Rowlandson. It was removed from the screen and presented to Miss McCrichie (sp) the Secretary to the present Duchess of Rutland and Miss Kelly who had been commissioned to have the screen covered with tapestry.

It’s not a print but definitely a pen & watercolour drawing. Not sure if it’s orginal but It looks quite old. Just selling it as an reproduction price.

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Author’s Biography

Thomas Rowlandson, (born July 1756, Old Jewry, London, Eng.—died April 22, 1827, London) English painter and caricaturist who illustrated the life of 18th-century England and created comic images of familiar social types of his day, such as the antiquarian, the old maid, the blowsy barmaid, and the Grub Street hack. His characters ranged from the ridiculously pretentious, with their elaborate coiffures, widely frogged uniforms, and enormous bosoms and bottoms, to the merely pathetic, whose trailing handkerchiefs expressed their dejected attitudes.

The son of a tradesman, Rowlandson became a student in the Royal Academy. At age 16 he went to study in Paris. After establishing a studio as a portrait painter, he began to draw caricatures to supplement his income, and this soon became his major interest.