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Artist: William Bouwmeester
Material: Oil on Canvas
Picture Size: 83cm x 63cm
Year: 1994
Conditions: Good

A large oil on board painting signed Willem B. William Bouwmeester is a well known New Zealand artist who came from Holland and emigrated to New Zealand in the 1950s or thereabouts. Quite a well known artist. This painting  is quite a large piece of work centered around Jerusalem, and is entitled  Jerusalem Wanganui River. It is dated on the back as 1994. That is the Title the artist used, so that is the title of the painting. It is not my declaration or spelling or opinion etc etc, just simply the title as given by the artist some 16 years ago. If this worries or offends you, you may want to get hold of him and remind him incase some other future works centre around the same area is in the pipe line.

This art relates to James K Baxter & the Jerusalem history etc near Wanganui. It is quite striking. Is bold and has good colour. Has a nice real rimu frame. Could do with a bit clean and a dust, but apart from that it is fine. Great if you collect Willem Bs work or just want a striking different painting.

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