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Very Large Vibrate Painting

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Title: Untitled
Artist: Meghan Geliza
Material: Acrylics on board
Oil Size: 120cm x 120cm
Year: 2011
Conditions: Excellent

This is an amazing painting. Very large and absolutely outstanding. The detail in this is so articulate.

This is an outstanding painting from a very well known and highly regarded artist.

If you are a serous art collector this is exactly what you need for your collection or if you just like art for arts sake you will love this.

An interesting and very unique painting, the artist works are quite outstanding and truly amazing. It would be a privilege to own one of her works.

Retail $3600+ but on promotion only $2800!

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Author’s background:

Meghan Geliza’s Pop Surreal paintings are of worlds swirling in explosive colour, of the metaphysical and the whimsical. Her work references nature, sacred geometry and recurring patterns in the universe, to comment on our inherent connection with everything.

She’s worked on exhibits & commissions from NZ and internationally. Her work has manifested as large scale panel paintings, skate decks, jewellery, and murals.

“…Her work is characterized by vivid energy and dynamism that is tinged with serenity. She plays with the binary aspects of her own history and experience, and the resulting oeuvre is highly-nuanced and technical. Working in a diverse range of media – from acrylic on canvas to graphite on paper – [she] demonstrates a contemplative approach to her art.”

– Art Underground Gallery