Title: Blood Floor/Clay Walls
Artist: Nancy de Freitas
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Oil Size: 130cm x 110cm
Frame Size: 134cm x 114cm
Year: 1992
Conditions: Excellent

Nancy de Freitas Large Acrylic On Canvas. “Blood Floors/Clay Walls” part of her family album series. Signed & dated 92 bottom right. The image is in “Very Good” condition. The Rimu frame is also “Very Good”.

For the author’s explain, the three rooms refer to: 1) the place of the family/mother relationship 2) the honing of independence in wider relationships (ie to the family/siblings first) and 3) the growth of ego and personal strength. The bald heads refer to our human vulnerability and innocence.

All of the paintings in this series had a reflective/dark side and consider them to be the best of Nancy’s whole career. This one, ‘Blood Floor, Clay Walls’, is the cornerstone painting of the series. Hope to get a public gallery collection or a significant private collection so that it could be seen by many.

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Aurthor’s background:

Nancy de Freitas is an artist and academic based at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Her installation works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Her current research interests are grounded in epistemological and methodological issues of practice-led research: the materiality of artistic and design practice; the language of research reporting; active documentation as a research method and ‘material thinking’ approaches. She has lectured widely on art and design
practice-led research and material thinking methods at host institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In her installation works, de Freitas prefers low-tech, multi-sensory applications and her work has been grounded in an awareness of immigrant sensitivities and a notion of exile. Information courtesy of Studies in Material Thinking.