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Title: Strumming
Artist: Valerie Beere
Material: Oil on canvas
Oil Size: 60cm x 81cm
Frame Size:69cm x 90cm
Year: 1960s
Conditions: General

Large painting from Valerie Beere. Believe the portrait is painted during Valerie’s classes in the 60s then it remained in her house many decades!

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Author’s background:

Valerie Beere (1909-2000) grew up in Thorndon in Wellington, New Zealand and attended Samuel Marsden Collegiate. She later lived in England and in Paris, France, studying at Chelsea Polytechnic, London Central School of Art and Grande Chanmiere School. She was commissioned to paint many portraits, particularly military. It was in this way that she met the late Comte Louis de Sibour, her life partner and estranged husband of Beatrice Selfridge. Throughout the early 50s she had exhibitions in the NZ houses in Paris and London, and works in an international exhibition in Addis Ababa. She returned to New Zealand in 1960 and became well known for her commissioned works of Wellington’s elite throughout the 60s and 70s. Her most distinguished work is a portrait of Sir Charles Howard, Sergeant of Arms, which hangs in the Palace of Westminster as part of the British national collection