Artist: Lyndsay Brock
Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Oil Size: 76.4cm x  59cm
Year: Unknown
Conditions: Good

‘Solstice’  by Lyndsay Brock. Acrylic on canvas.  Measurements; 76.4cm x  59cm x 3.5cm. This painting, from the artist’s ‘Masque’ series, depicts a veiled woman wearing an exotic mask and head-dress.  It featurs the finely textured finish typical of the artist’s work, complete with a complex border design incorporating ‘Lyndish’ text in overlaid copper & gilt. The ‘Masque series was initially inspired by the splendour of festival costumes & masks worn in Venezia.

Lyndsay Brock is an award winning artist.  Her work is varied, ranging from figurative to abstract, and a common theme is a touch of symbolism or mystery.  Paintings reside in local collections, and many have been purchased by European and American buyers. Te Papa Museum recently added her design work to their collection.

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