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    Les Bullideres – Luxury new homes in Andorra for sale.
    Buying a house or in the warm regions of the country has become a hit in recent seasons, especially this year. Having an apartment for a summer vacation is a dream of many.
    In this version, a kind of real estate purchase in Andorra is added to the reflections.
    Les Bullideres – available Andorra homes for sale https://www.lesbullideres.com/
    Purchase for earnings, investments, investments.
    Probably those times will come when ready-made residential complexes will stand empty in our country, as in China or Spain. However, not now. Over the past thirty years, real estate in our country has only become more expensive. As a result, buying real estate is a good investment option for the funds you have.
    They also buy apartments for earnings. A one-time investment in square meters, to pay off by renting out housing.
    In this variant, the payback and profitability of apartments comes into play. Profitability is the average price of a “secondary” apartment in the region divided by the “net” average annual rental rate as a percentage. Payback period of conditional return of funds invested in the apartment.
    No matter how you answer the question for yourself – why buy real estate, choose carefully, count carefully and make unforgivable mistakes.

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