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    Vidmate is an amazing free video/audio converter for your Android devices. It can convert any video or music file into a Java-compatible Flash file. With Vidmate you can easily convert any file to and from any format like AVI, MPG, WMP, MP3 and other file types. Vidmate also offers some additional features like a rich media player, password protection, volume control, touch screen controls, touch screen video capture and more. You can also get the Vidmate app to help you personalize video/audio clips and share them on YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites.

    If you are planning to download some movies or other high-definition files from the internet, Vidmate App can make it really simple and easy. All you have to do is download the Vidmate app on your device from 9apps Store and launch it. It will then detect all the websites that allow you to download videos freely. After selecting any website, simply press and hold the Vidmate download button to transfer the files to your device. Within seconds you will be enjoying your high-definition video files on your smartphone.

    In short, Vidmate is a great video/audio downloader for your Android device. You can easily convert videos from your computer or any other source and store them on your phone. By accessing Vidmate’s vast database of high-quality websites, you can easily save time and money by downloading the videos of your choice to your Vidmate mobile device. Another great feature of this Vidmate downloader is that you can also access a list of websites that provide free videos and music. You can easily use Vidmate for entertainment on the go.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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