There are dozens of meditation and benefits, and sorts of people are doing it. You browse information online or on a bookstore, and see that there are lots of different ways of doing meditation, heaps of meditation techniques, and some conflicting information. You wonder which way is best for you. Here I am not going to compare meditation. No matter which way you pick up, whatever suits you is the best. However, meditation is not always a safe term to exercise. Some of them may be taking your chance.

I self-taught Qigong mediation in the late 1980s when I was a teenager. Unfortunately only after a few months the energy (“air”) from my internal body bounced back from my Anahata (heart chakra) to throat regularly, which made me uncomfortably dyspnoea on coughing. Chakra - AnahataI regrettably to say that to deal with such issue no matter medicine or herbal would not help. Luckily I was remedied by a Qigong master and he opened the amazing meditation gate for me.

One of my daughters had the same symptoms since she was a little girl. After the GP thoroughly checked and found her tonsile larger than usual. There is nothing wrong with her tonsile but just by natural, and it did not do any harm except coughing. GP suggested it may be back to normal during her growing up.

One day when she was coughing again an idea just suddenly flashed out my head. I asked her laid down on the bed, closed her eyes and relaxed. Then my hand softly touched her throat and started to concentrate maneuvering the energy scattering her blocking air in her throat. After 15 minutes she felt much better. I was tend to do it ten times but only after two sessions my daughter’s coughing is gone – it never comes back!

Everything is vibrating and has its own energy. For instance, even the stone or timber has its frequency. I am here not talking about the non-sense but based on Superstring Theory. The strongest energy is the Sun in the solar systems. Not only does plant need sunshine to grow but also animal does. For those who like sitting in the sunlight which is great. Exposuring to sunlight can boost your body’s vitamin D supply, protect from Melanoma, lowers blood pressure and enhances your mind. However, they may not realize that they can even fully exploit the sun light by absorbing and circulating it inside their bodies.

There are a multitude of benefits of Qigong meditation. Below are some of the reasons why qigong is so effective for our modern times.
• Well-being and improved health
• Deeper, more restorative sleep
• Increased energy
• Efficient metabolism
• Greater physiological control
• Bright eyes
• Intuition and creativity
• Spiritual effects

Qigong is keeping me warm – I only put one T-shirt for a whole year even in Auckland winter! Furthermore, it enables me to heal my kids tummy ache, headache and my wife coughing even without touch them! I will share some basic Qigong tutorial when I have a chance.

  • Where: Bed Room, Park, Quite place
  • When: Morning, Night
  • Time: 15mins to 1 hour