I had always been interested in mysterious things such as planets, cosmos, UFO, fortune-telling, dreams, pyramids and so on. Meditation gave me an amazing experiences during my teenage. In 2013 I astonished turned up to be a Vegan just by an idea that popped up in my mind during meditation – “We should respect for sentient life”.

I am a painting collector in North Shore, Auckland and believed a good painting will inspire human beings brain. Unfortunately there is no room for my gallery any more. Instead of putting the paintings in garage better they will be hung up in someone’s living room. You may have realized that there are quite a lot of paintings for sale on this website. I will try my best to describe the painting as accurate as it is, but please beware that sometimes I may be wrong, e.g. mixing up “Oil” or “Acrylics”. The site is still under constructions and I will upload more paintings so please come back to see if there any drawing you like.

Picking up the art is preferable but I can post it by buyer’s costs and risks. I will donate $40 to Starship Hospital for every transaction. Thanks for your support.

Apart from the paintings there are a few interesting topics that you may like or some of them that you haven’t ever tried. Meditation, Vegetarian, UFO exploring, Dreams and Pyramids. Welcome share such your options in the forum. Have a great day.