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    Learn How to Enter Credit Card Cash Back Rewards in Quickbooks account.
    We can assist you if you receive cash back or a refund for transactions made on your credit card. It’s simple to record in order to keep your transaction flow balanced.
    What you ought to do is:
    + New is a select option.
    Choose Credit card as your payment method.
    From the Bank/Credit Account drop-down box, select the relevant account.
    Select the account you want to use for your cash back incentives under the Category information section, whether it’s an expense or income account.
    Note: You’ll need to create an account to track your cash back rewards if you don’t already have one. See How to create a new parent account or subaccount for further information.
    Fill in the blanks with the rest of the information you’ll need.
    Close the window after selecting Save.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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