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    Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application
    How PRP is obtained.
    PRP is obtained from the patient’s blood. Blood is taken on an empty stomach or at least 5 hours after eating. The blood taken from the vein is placed in a special centrifuge. After “soft” centrifugation, the blood is divided into separate fractions. After the removal of the unnecessary fraction of erythrocytes, repeated “hard” centrifugation is carried out. As a result of this procedure, we get the necessary concentration of growth factors.
    About our Plasmolifting prp online course
    Execution of the procedure.
    Immediately after the necessary fraction is isolated, PRP can be injected into the affected area. To achieve a positive effect, 1-3 injections are needed at intervals of up to 2 weeks.
    According to the results of laboratory studies, PRP increases the concentration of growth factors that play an important role in the healing process. The conducted clinical studies prove the high effectiveness of PRP in comparison with other methods of treatment and placebo.
    Risks and side effects of PRP.
    Side effects are rare, but possible. A common side effect of PRP injection is an increase in inflammation and pain a couple of hours after injection. This complication does not require any action, it is a normal reaction to the

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